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‘Lost Age’ named 2022 Fort Myers Film Festival’s Best Short Short


The Lost Age was named the 12th Annual Fort Myers Film Festival’s Best Short Short Film.  The film was written and directed by Tim Ritter, who wowed Fort Myers Film Festival cineastes in 2017 with his film Moment of Truth, the first locally-produced feature film to appear in the film festival’s history.

The Lost Age follows a young dinosaur enthusiast whose parents take him on a surprise trip to a prehistoric-themed park but, alas, the trip isn’t the biggest or last surprise the day has in store for him. The film stars Noel Gates (Echoes, Threat Level Zero, Between the Lines) as the mom, Yago Lupi (A Single’s Guidebook to Love, Sincerely P.M. and Rap Sh*t) as Dad and Bryson JonSteele as the boy.

May 23, 2022


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