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Jessie Getlik


Jessie Getlik plays the part in Little Women of uppity Aunt March, who promises to take her tomboy niece, Jo, to Europe if she’ll work to become more feminine, cultured and mannered. However, she ultimately takes Jo’s youngest sibiling, Amy, on the trip much to Jo’s displeasure. Although the part is meant for an older actor, Getlik expertly acquits the part of the moneyed matronly snob.

JessieĀ is a former Royal Caribbean & Disney Cruise Line performer who has relocated from New Jersey to Fort Myers. After performing for theme parks, golf clubs and cruise ships for the past ten years Jessie can be seen in various Live at Chocs! events at Chocolattes. She made her Fort Myers Theatre debut as one of the dancestors (Flapper/Moon) in The Addams Family Musical.

April 20, 2022; revised January 21, 2023.

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