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Ruth Johnson


Ruth Johnson plays the part of Marlafaye Mosely in TNP’s production of The Savannah Sipping Society. Marlafaye is a hard case whose husband has kicked her to the curb for a 23-year-old dental hygienist. She rails against and ridicules him mercilessly, but it’s a defense mechanism to disguise how much she really loved him and how deeply she was hurt by his desertion. Spoiler alert! Her prayers that he gets his come-uppance will be answered, but you’ll never believe how! As Marlafaye, Johnson has some of the best zingers and one-liners in the show.

Ruth made her TNP debut this past summer as Rosie in The Wedding Singer. She’s performed on dozens of stages in seven states. The title character in Mame, Sally Plumber in Follies and Mama Frake in State Fair are among her favorite roles.

December 5, 2021.

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