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Todd Miller


Todd Miller plays Jimbo in Fairview, a character who embodies white-male narcissism and whose every question (“if you could be any race, which one would you be?”) and comment is laced with unfiltered and unabashed hubris, condescension and overt racism. Miller is particularly horrifying in his Act Two monologue as he proudly proclaims that he sees himself as the villain in his own movie, chillingly adding “that’s fine, because you’re in my fucking movie, motherfucker.”

Miller completed his theater training at N.W.S.A. in Miami. He lived in New York for 20 years. During that time, Todd appeared in television and film, including episodes of SUV, Blue Bloods, The Family, DareDevil, The Punisher, Shades of Blue, The Good Wife and more.

But stage work has been conspicuously missing from his repertoire. Although his last stage appearance was in 2009, he shows no signs of rust.

August 14, 2022.


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