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Donna Richman


After acting for many years in New York, Donna Richman makes her Florida debut at New Phoenix Theatre in the role of Norma in Deborah Laufer’s The Last Schwartz. Norma is the eldest of four, domineering, self-righteous and uncompromising. Divorced and estranged from her only child after turning him in to the police after finding his stash in his room, she nonetheless opines that respecting one’s history, from the old faith to the old furniture, is “what separates us from the animals.” But her siblings don’t share her priorities or devotion, prompting Norma to open question “Why can’t we be a real family?”

Favorite past roles include Katherine in Welcome Home (Billboard Players), Renee in After-Play (Theatre Box), Karen in Plaza Suite (Herricks Players), Molly in The Front Page (Hofstra/USA), Claudia in Nuts and Felicity in The Shadow Box (Thursday Night Theatre).

February 18, 2023.

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