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Alicia Schwartz


If you like Rosie Perez’s comedic work (It Could Happen to You, HBO’s The Flight Attendant: Where Else You’ve Seen the Cast), then you’ll love Alicia Schwartz’s performance for The Studio Players in Clark Gable Slept Here. Through the character of Estella, playwright Michael McKeever satirizes the stereotypical Latina hotel maid, and, in that guise, Schwartz delivers in rapid-fire bursts of staccato Spanish an absolutely hilarious explanation of just what she saw when she entered Patrick Zane’s hotel room and found the naked body of a dead male hooker, not once, but twice, before it’s revealed that she’s also fluent in English and running her own little scam. Schwartz is making her Studio Players’ debut with the role. She previously played Kate Dillon in Good People for The Marco Players. A retired nurse, Alicia shares that she’s come late in life to the world of theater, but this role portends that she’s capable of more and even better roles.

June 6, 2022.

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