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Linda Valyo


Linda Valyo portrays Annie, one of the murderesses, in the musical Chicago at the Gypsy Theatre in Cape Coral running the weekend of April 28-30. Annie’s dreams of domestic bliss are shattered when she discovers her boyfriend, Ezekiel Young, was married – to six other women! “One of  those Mormons, you know?” So she fixed him a cocktail when he came home that night. “Some guys just can’t hold their arsenic.” How can you blame Annie for that? Besides, the bastard had it coming. Wouldn’t you have done the same? No? What? You woulda used potassium chloride?

This is not Linda’s first time performing in Chicago. She and bestie Missy Carmean (who is currently playing Liz/Pop) were in Chicago in 2011 at Cultural Park Theatre, where Linda played Hunyak (Not Guilty). “I enjoy the role of Annie more than that of Hunyak because Annie is guilty and it’s way more fun portraying a criminal than an innocent,” Linda remarks.

Valyo loves musicals and has been performing since she was in grade school. Besides Chicago, her prior credits include Anything Goes, The Music Man, Guys and Dolls, Sweet Charity and All Shook Up.

In high school, Linda portrayed Sandy in Grease, but nowadays her favorite roles are in the ensemble where she gets to dance and sing with the entire cast.

April 25, 2023.

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