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Julian Viacava


Julian Viacava plays Greg Gardner in Fort Myers Theater’s production of A Chorus Line. In answer to the director’s questions, Greg relates one of the funnier stories in the entire show. It seems that when he was called on in school by the teacher, he’d invariably have an erection. To avoid humiliation, he’d tell the teach he couldn’t due to a pain in his side. When walking down the hall, he’d have to have to pile his books in front of him to hide the bulge in his pants. But when Sally Ketchum asked him if he wanted to do more than kiss, he realized that he didn’t and that was the first time it dawned on him that he was gay.

This is Julian’s second show at the Fort Myers Theater. He was also Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby in February. Julian also participates in shows at his high school with Director Aaron Jackson. Most recently, he played the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz.

June 18, 2022.


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