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Dr. Wendy Chase to give lecture prior to Guerrilla Girls opening


At 6:00 p.m. on January 17, Dr. Wendy Chase will give a pre-opening lecture in connection with Guerrilla Girls: Rattling Cages Since 1985, a site-specific survey exhibition and newly-commissioned interactive installation at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery. Dr. Chase is a professor of humanities and the program coordinator for the Honors Scholar Program at Florida SouthWestern State College. She is uniquely qualified to provide insight into both the Guerrilla Girls and their Rauschenberg exhibition.

Dr. Chase’s recent scholarship has focused on contemporary practices in art activism. She is the guest editor for the Journal of Interdisciplinary Humanities Fall 2019 issue titled “Art, Activism, and the Pursuit of a Better Life.” Her article, “Penetrating Art: Creative Interventions in the Age of Internet Porn” was published in the International Journal of Communication and Linguistic Studies in 2015. Chase attributes her greatest insights into what it means to be a human on this planet to revelations shared by artists, filmmakers, writers and musicians.

Dr. Chase teaches interdisciplinary courses in modern humanities, American cinema and contemporary world cinema. Her proudest moments have been receiving the NISOD award for Excellence in Teaching, the President’s Award for Exemplary Service, and being asked to give the Commencement Address at graduation in 2009. In addition to her other responsibilities at FSW, she has also served as coordinator for the Black Maria Film Festival. (Founded in New Jersey in 1981 to honor Thomas Edison’s pioneering spirit in cinema and recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as an Academy Award qualifying festival, the Black Maria’s annual collection of cutting edge films travels across the nation to universities, museums and other venues. It is hosted locally by FSW in partnership with the Edison Ford Winter Estates.)

Wendy Chase received her Master’s in French Literature and her Ph.D. in Humanities from Florida State University with an emphasis in Film Studies and Modernism. As a graduate student, Dr. Chase spent two years in France – one year working at the Sorbonne on a Certificate in French Language, Art, and Culture and another year in Rheims teaching English and conducting research as a Florida-France Linkage Scholar.

An internationally-renowned feminist advocacy and art collective, the Guerrilla Girls confront and address systemic problems of gender and racial parity in the art world. Attacking art institutions for discriminatory and inequitable practices on their own gallery walls, the Guerrilla Girls have designed a participatory chalkboard installation for visitor “complaints” and covered the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery floor-to-ceiling with an immersive selection of the group’s most notable public art/protest poster campaigns.

The exhibition runs through March 23.

December 29, 2018.


Guerrilla Girls set to rattle some cages at Rauschenberg Gallery in January

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