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Spotlight on ‘Jogger’ actor Amanda Kristen Troisi


Amanda Kristen Troisi is an American actress, writer, editor, director, and an environmentalist known for her leading role in The Jogger (2022), for which she has received a best acting performance nomination. She is also known for her roles as Nikki (a runaway on her way to New York to follow her dreams of becoming an actress) in Ben’s Entanglement (2018), Gail (a young woman in an abusive relationship who goes on their nightly walk to discover something incomprehensible) in Run (2022) and Carly Smith (a newly engaged space cadet separated overseas by her fiancé trying to keep her calm during the outbreak) in Abducted: SCCS 2020 (2020).

Other acting credits include Athena in the TV Movie Into Gray (filming), girl in the short film Caterpillar (post-production), Anita Chase in the short film Paradox (post-production), Tiffany/Pale Woman in Soulmate (post-production), Billie/Logan in the short film Digital Coven (post-production), Maria Cardone in the short The Mirror (completed), Pam in Coming Undone (2021), the servant in the short film The Servant’s Birth (2020), Liz in the TV Series 6 Tales of Sin, Woman in the short film Trovondola (2019) and Hot Girl in Cruise (2018). Amanda received Best Actress 2019 for her performance in Trovondola, which she created, directed, and starred as a young woman uncovering secrets which lie beneath.

Amanda has recently won best director for Abducted: SCCS 2020. She also directed and wrote Caterpillar and Digital Coven.

To better the environment Amanda drives a hybrid and is an advent in recycling. Amanda also takes joy in painting and writing. She has been writing a romance thriller novel for the past 3 years while working on various scripts, short stories, and poems.

May 13, 2022

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