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‘Flow’ – FMff Best Short Short Film


Flow ASonny DePasquale’s film Flow won Best Short Short honors at the 6th Annual Fort Myers Film Festival. It was also the film that Festival Director Eric Raddatz chose to play at Sunday night’s champagne dessert and awards ceremony. “In the wake of How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change, this film reminds us of what’s important on our earth, our planet and our future,” said Raddatz somberly Flow Cwhen the film ended. “And that’s why this film was so important for us to play.”

FLow is a short film (just 3 minutes long) illustrating the distance water can travel through the Everglades ecosystem to the Florida Bay. As a point in fact, the northernmost headwaters of the Everglades can travel a distance of over 350 miles before reaching the Florida Bay. Filmed with just a Flow BGoPro, FLow showcases this water cycle and the ecosystems it feeds. In the film DePasquale immerses viewers in the river basins of Central Florida leading to Lake Okeechobee, flies them over the slough valleys and mangroves of the Everglades, and treats them to a spectacle of color and life beneath the waters of the Florida Keys.

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