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More about Holocaust Remembrance talk-back panelist Rabbi Stephen Fuchs


In observance of Holocaust Remembrance Month, Lab Theater schedules a play and community talk-back each April that focuses on themes related to the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and discrimination based on religion and ethnicity. This year, The Lab will welcome concentration camp liberator Dr. Robert Hilliard, Bat Yam Temple of the Islands on Sanibel spiritual leader Rabbi Stephen Fuchs, childhood Holocaust survivor Cesare Frustaci and former Hitler Youth member Dr. Wolfgang Vogel for a special Holocaust Remembrance discussion following the April 19th performance of Visiting Mr. Green.

Rabbi Stephen Fuchs has been the spiritual leader at Bat Yam Temple of the Islands on Sanibel for over 40 years. In 2011 he was appointed President of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. During this period he spoke throughout the world about Reform Judaism and values.

In 2015, Rabbi Fuchs conducted the first Jewish service since Kristallnacht in the city of Friedrichstadt, Germany, and in 2014, Rabbi Fuchs became the first rabbi ever to give a sermon in The Michaelis-Kirche in Kaltenkirchen, the site of a former concentration camp. Rabbi Fuchs is focused on Holocaust remembrance efforts as his father was imprisoned in Dachau concentration camp.

During his religious leadership career and life, he has received numerous awards for his social activism and work including the Four Chaplains awards. He has authored several books including What’s in it for Me and Who Created God and Other Essays.

Starring local favorite Michael Hennessey and Brandon Somers, Visiting Mr. Green starts at 8:00 p.m. The Holocaust Remembrance discussion immediately follows the performance. For more on the panelists, other Holocaust articles and the production, please follow the links provided below.

April 13, 2018.


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