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‘Legend of Georgia McBride’ navigates struggles of self-discovery


In keeping with the tradition of bringing fresh and edgy theater to Southwest Florida, Laboratory Theater of Florida will premiere Matthew Lopez’s The Legend of Georgia McBride in June.

If you loved Whatever Happened to Baby Jane: A Parody of the Horror and Hush Up Sweet Charlotte, you won’t want to miss The Legend of Georgia McBride. Full of sass, good spirits and catty humor (in the words of The New York Times), this show-stopping, hilariously-outrageous comedy follows a young Elvis impersonator who’s barely eking out a living. Things go from bad to worse when first he finds out that his wife is pregnant (“If my best isn’t good enough for one, how could it be good enough for two.”) and then he gets fired from the run-down Florida bar where he’s been working. But in true storybook fashion, he is transformed one night by some unlikely new friends and rehired as a lip-synching drag queen – replete with music and sparkly costumes galore.

“When young Casey loses his job as an Elvis impersonator, life hands him a rare and unique performance opportunity when a drunken drag queen collapses before her show,” observes Director Brett Marston. “Forced with the reality that the show must go on, Casey is quickly coached by seasoned drag performer Miss Tracy Mills to zip it and tuck it…’you are woman now…PUT ON THAT DRESS!’ What ensues is an exotic, erotic, chaotic, hypnotic, and melodic drag spectacular filled with tons of glitz and glamour. The Legend of Georgia McBride is a delightful and dazzling show filled with humor, warmth and love. It’s a story about how we discover who we truly are and the struggles that often occur as we navigate that journey.”

Lab Artistic Director Annette Trossbach adds that The Legend of Georgia McBride is “a showstopper with heart, sass, and sequins, delightful, modern characters in a fairytale situation, plus all the glamour, cattiness, and deep friendship of showbiz.”

The cast features Steven Michael Kennedy as Casey, Imani Lee Williams as Jo, Clayton W. Brown as Miss Tracy Mills, TJ Albertson as Rexy/Jason, and Keith Gahagan as Eddie.

Generously sponsored by Downtown House of Pizza, The Legend of Georgia McBride opens June 7.

June 6, 2019.

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