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Stacy Peres plays role of Sissy Hickey in Lab’s production of ‘Sordid Lives’


Sissy Hickey 02On stage for ten scintillating performances at Lab Theater is Del Shores’ cult classic Sordid Lives. The show features a preposterous backstory, volatile characters and a gem of cast compliments of Director Scott Carpenter. One of the stand-outs among many is Stacy Peres, who plays the role of Peggy Ingram’s sister, Sissy Hickey.

Peres excels in the role of Sissy Hickey who, on top of dealing with the loss of her sister, is desperately trying to quit smoking. Texans are naturally suspicious of fancy psychological modalities like Pavlok electric shock Nic Fit 03Lwristbands. So instead of that or some newfangled biofeedback machine, Sissy has taken to popping her wrist with a rubber band each time she gets the urge to smoke. It isn’t too long before her wrist is sore and turning red, black and blue. But even funnier is the way Peres has her character sucking in huge draughts of second-hand smoke each time LaVonda lights up during the play’s aptly named Nic Fit 07Lfirst act, “Nictotine Fit.”

Although Stacy has performed at Cultural Park Theatre in Men Are Dogs, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, and To Save a Child, Sordid Lives represents her Lab Theater debut. And so she is eternally grateful to director Scott Carpenter for bringing her into the fold and entrusting her with such a terrific role. She also appreciates her cast mates for their hard work, patience, and dSissy Says Goodbye 01Ledication to their craft.

Take in Sordid Lives, and see what all the fuss is about.

September 22, 2017.


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