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Declan Ireland


Declan Ireland plays the part of Charles Guiteau for the Alliance Youth Theatre in Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins.

Guiteau assassinated President James A. Garfield on July 2, 1881. Guiteau had written a political speech that was used twice by Garfield during his campaign for the presidency. Prone to illusions of grandeur and possibly suffering from paralytic dementia from late-stage syphilis, Guiteau attributed Garfield’s win to the speech and demanded an ambassadorship as his reward for the important role he had played in Garfield’s victory. Slighted, he was filled with rage when he didn’t get it. Prior to being hanged, Guiteau recited a poem he’d written, “I am Going to the Lordy.” Ireland recites that poem in the musical, and is terrific in the role.

Ireland made his Theatre Conspiracy debut in the role of Timmy in Adam Szymkowic’s clown noir dramedy Clown Bar. He had previously appeared for the Alliance Youth Theatre in the roles of Pete & Jake’s Dad, Sam Houston, Jim Bowie & Davie Crockett in Burnt Park Boys and appeared most recently in the role of Edward Bloom’s father, William, in Big Fish for Cypress Lake High School.

August 21, 2022.

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