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Brittany Ringsdore


Brittany Ringsdore makes her debut at Fort Myers Theater in the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the role of Columbia, a groupie who’s loved both Frank and one of his minions, Eddie (played by Michael Messina). She’s also the one who sees Frank for what he is, and she delivers the musical’s most penetrating, heartfelt and longest monologue. Columbia experiences the widest range of emotions over the course of the storyline, and Ringsdore meets and exceeds the demands made upon her by the role.

Previous credits include Matilda in All Shook Up, Ursula in Little Mermaid, Dragon in Shrek and Sour Kangaroo in Seussical. Brittany also spends time on Tik Tok @brittanyringsdore cosplaying popular characters such as Harley Quinn, Christine Daae, Mary Jane Watson and Belle.

October 22, 2022.

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