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Kendra Michele Weaver


Kendra Michele Weaver is an actor, stage manager, front of house manager and Volunteer Coordinator for the Laboratory Theater of Florida.

Kendra’s stage credits include the Vagina Monologue (Lab Theater, Season 10), stage manager Aggie Manville in Play On! (Lab Theater, Season 8), the Captain and a guard in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (Lab Theater, Season 7), several characters (reporter, a Midwestern mother endorsing a conversion therapy camp (comedic) and a mother telling her daughter that she and her father are sending her to that camp (dramatic)) in the Rauschenberg Play Project (Lab Theater, Season 7), Whitney in Laura Lorusso’s Scrooge TV (for Lab Theater, Season 6) and three roles (a Facebook troll who’s only there to make rude comments, a young women getting ready to meet her partner’s parents for the first time and half of a lesbian couple who are reminiscing about their wedding) in Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays (Lab Theater, Summer Stock, 2015). She was also one of twelve actors who performed during Lab Theater’s 24-Hour Playwriting Challenge in 2016.

Weaver is also an accomplished stage manager, serving in that capacity in connection for Nykkie Rizley per Hand to God (Season 10), Veronica’s Room (Season 9) and Twelfth Night Season 7), Anne Dodd per Burn This (Season 8) and Annette Trossbach in connection with Art (Season 7). She was Assistant Director last season for The Crucible (2019) and directed Candice Sanzari’s 10-minute play Bare All during the 2019 Lab Theater 24-Hour Playwriting Challenge, which included Caitlynn Crawford and Kristen Wilson.

She next appears for the Alliance for the Arts in Men on Boats.

October 19, 2020; revised October 3, 2021.

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