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Roy Rodriguez


Roy Rodriguez in a Cape Coral fine art photographer and mixed media artist.

Rodriguez uses a variety of cameras to capture images that contain rich narrative, whether in the form of abstract compositions formed by the random remains of beet juice on the evening’s dirty dinner dishes or arresting landscapes, skyscapes and seascapes from such diverse local environs as Myakka River State Park, Jupiter or while simply waiting for the traffic light to change on a rainy afternoon. His images virtually shout out, “Look at what I saw. Notice how much beauty and wonder can be found in everything around us.”

“As a fine arts photographer I am attracted to impressions of the world around me that have a certain hidden beauty which I discover and then encourage my audience to see it,” says Roy.

Rodriguez believes that there exists a psychological and spiritual state that tunes our senses that enables us to find the artistic in the ordinary. Just as a painter skillfully fabricates images on canvas, Rodriguez captures impressions digitally by being open to the action of seeing.

“This is my technique,” Roy elaborates. “My aim is to approach my subjects with that sense of intimacy that allows a connection to ‘see’ artistically beyond the ordinary.”

It is in that state that Rodriguez finds wonder, beauty and mystery.

“My medium is presence, light, color and forms, which I skillfully employ to express those discoveries,” Roy continues.

Presence is an oft-overlooked and least understood quality.

“As a fine art photographer, I am always interested in the process of discovery, of finding a potential image with the power to hold my attention. One may say this involves providence or coincidence, both passive actions. However, I include another element, the action of seeing, which is active and receptive.” In this regard, seeing requires “being present in the moment of taking the photograph, of being open to the subject as I let it reveal what else there is beyond my usual awareness.”

If you can see some of what Roy felt during the time of exposure, then he succeeded and the circle is complete.

August 19, 2019.

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