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Spotlight on River Basin muralist Senaa Bezzaz


Mural #31 at the Fort Myers River Basin is a rendition of the Thomas A. Edison steamship that was lost during the fire that claimed the Lee County Packing Plant on January 30, 1914. The muralist is Senaa Bezzaz.

Born in Casablanca in 1981, where she studied art at the University of Fine Arts, Bezzaz now calls Fort Myers home.

Senaa is accomplished in various facets of art, from drawing and painting to sculpture, writing, decorative and cinematic set design and construction, a field in which she has excelled and continues to thrive. In the latter regard, her credits include Ben X (2011), Kandisha (2008) and Whatever Lola Wants (2007).

In the realm of visual arts, Bezzaz explores the exciting universe of expressionism and neo-plasticism. Originated by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, the latter discipline relies on the most basic elements of painting – color, line and form – to convey universal and absolute truths such as the harmony underlying all of reality in an effort to change the way people see and experience their environment.

While not evident in her mural of the Thomas A. Edison steamship, Bezzaz typically includes rhythms and symbolic meanings inside her abstract paintings. Her paintings resemble a distance of beauty between what is seen and what is beyond the vision, between the known and the unknown. Her art is like an intimate geography that has a magical presence.

Visit to see examples of Sanaa’s work or contact her or follow her on Facebook: and Instagram @sanaabezzaz.


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