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Kendra Price is part of Lab Theater’s ‘Play On!’ cast


Play On Promo 5Opening on March 10 at Lab Theater is Play On! Included in the large and talented cast of local actors is Kendra Price. She plays a stage manager by the name of Aggie Manville. Funny thing, when she’s not playing a stage manager, she actually works as stage manager – most recently for The Lab’s productions of Burn This and Twelfth Night.

This will be Kendra’s fifth production for Lab Theater. She was previously in Twelfth Night, The Rauschenberg Project,  Scrooge TV: A Modern Gerry and Aggie 01Christmas Carol and Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays.

Kendra thanks cast and crew for making Play On! “a laugh-out-loud experience.”

March 2, 2017.


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