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Cindi Leake Heimberg is Lavonda Dupree in Lab’s ‘Sordid Lives’


Sordid Lives Cindi HeimbergDel Shores’ black comedy Sordid Lives invades Lab Theater beginning September 15. Playing the role of Lavonda Dupree is Cindi Heimberg.

Lavonda is Peggy Ingram’s youngest daughter. Peggy has just died in a seedy motel room where she’d been meeting her secret lover, G.W. Nethercott. Lavonda’s not sure whether it’s worse that G.W. is married or decades younger than her mother. Or that he’s married to her best friend! She’s a free spirit for sure, bSordid Lives Promo 01ut even she has limits, and those limits are about to be tested by her proper sister, cross-dressing brother, closeted nephew and a host of friends who are coming for Peggy’s funeral to say their good-byes. If you haven’t seen the movie, the sequel or the television series, you’re about to find out why Sordid Lives is a cult classic, especially in the gay community.

“A night filled with rampant sex, accidental death, cross dressing, Nic Fit 02Lpants flinging, chain smoking, gun toting, sibling rivalry, infidelity, drunkards, simpletons, owning up, coming out, and so much more!!,” posts Cindi. “Curious??? You have to see it to believe it!”

Clearly, Cindi is over the top for this over-the-top black comedy about white trash and invites you to “come on out for a night of fast talkin’, family squawkin’, forced strippin’, sarcasm drippin’, insult flyin’, (mama’s dyin’), secret revealin’, liquor store stealin’, honkeytonking good times!!!”

Retribution 11LCindi’s a real life free spirit who’s down home and at home in the theater. She just appeared in another black comedy that is also destined to become a cult classic in its own right, namely Whatever Happened to Baby Jane: A Parody of the Horror. Prior to that Cindi appeared in Play On! Cindi has been in 14 shows over the past five years, including Deathtrap (where she played zany pRetribution 19Lsychic Helga ten Dorp), Rumors, Barefoot in the Park, Men are Dogs, Divorce Southern Style, Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940s and Last of the Red-Hot Lovers. When not performing, Cindi teaches full time.

September 5, 2017.


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