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Colin Smith


Colin Smith is dastardly as the egotistical Gaston in Beauty and the Beast.

Every hero needs a deep and nuanced antagonist. Prince Adam’s alter ego in Beauty and the Beast is no exception. Therefore, within the framework of this tale as old as time, Gaston plays a pivotal part, and Smith’s portrayal provides the needed contrast to Noah Lynch’s Beast in their mutual pursuit of Belle. Unlike the Beast, however, Gaston is not motivated by love or romance. A pre-eminent hunter, Gaston’s interest in the Beauty is based on self-aggrandizement. He unapologetically and unabashedly desires to make the most beautiful girl in town his trophy – even though the two have absolutely nothing in common.

Actually, Gaston has more in common with Prince Adam, whose vanity, conceit and insensitivity caused an aggrieved sorceress to transform the royal into a monstrously disfigured beast many years ago. Colin’s portrayal is impeccable. He is the epitome of deep, dark arrogance. Don’t believe me? Just ask poor LeFou.

Colin has been performing in musical theater since he was a junior in high school. Past performances include the ensemble in Little Shop of Horrors at Cypress Lake High School, the title role in Aladdin, the ensemble in Footloose, Danny Zuko in Grease, and Mufasa, Simba and Timone in Lion King Jr. (in England for JTF).

May 15, 2023.

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