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Mesdaghi’s ‘What Color Is Your Sky’ being made into billboard art


The Alliance for the Arts has revealed the artists who’ve been chosen to participate in Art Lives Here 2.0. One of the terrific 12 is Leila Mesdaghi. Her digital collage, What Color is Your Sky, will be appearing on a billboard somewhere in Lee County in 2020.

Mesdaghi is known for combining emotional experiences with social responsibilities in both her visual and performance art, which uniquely enables her to connect with viewers in a visceral, evocative manner.

“I asked my friends around the world to look up at the sky, capture it, and send it to me,” says Leila of What Color Is Your Sky.  “There is a Persian proverb that says: wherever you go the sky is the same color! Through these photos I am able to see what they see, and by sharing it in an art form, others can see it too.”

Mesdaghi often stands on uncomfortable ground and touches on social and political issues like war in the Middle East, the reflections of social media in society, the housing crisis in the U.S, and the price and promise of progress in her work. In addition to years of traditional painting, Leila has explored such varied disciplines and mediums as sculpture, printmaking and installation. In her most recent works, she has been merging performance with video and photography, exploring the spaces between presence and absence.

An Iranian-Colombian artist living in Fort Myers, Mesdaghi holds a BA in Law from Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Iran and a BA in Arts from Florida Gulf Coast University.

April 12, 2020.

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