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Lab announces virtual auditions for ‘Realish Housewives’


Lab Theater is accepting video auditions for roles in Season 12’s show, The Realish Housewives of Fort Myers. The show will play for four weekends from October 23 through November 15.

The show is by Tim Sniffen and Kate James.

If you wish to be considered for a role in the play, please send a 60 to 90-second comedic monologue by video to

The show will be directed by Cantrella Canady. She has previously directed Devil Ain’t Got No Tail in Grandma’s House at Mt. Hermon Ministries, and has assisted in directing Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery with Rachael Endrizzi and Theatre Conspiracy at the Alliance for the Arts. Cantrella will also be assistant directing with Brett Marston in this summer’s Take Five at The Lab.  For more on Cantrella’s theatrical credits, go here. You can also read her 2018 interview with ARTSWFL here.

The characters for The Realish Housewives of Fort Myers are five women and one man, all  in their 30s-50s:

  • RANDY BOWEN, ​our host. Gay and excitable. Delighted with himself and his media empire. Encourages conflict and meltdowns while keeping everyone liquored up. [RANDY plays other incidental characters throughout the show: a yoga instructor, a rehab doctor, etc.]
  • RAVONKA,​ royalty, in terms of having a title, and in her own mind. Every moment is about her. Talks with a vaguely Eastern European accent [which may be fake].
  • BROOKE, a ​brassy, self-made businesswoman with a chip on her shoulder about not being part of high society. No­nonsense and sometimes bossy. RAVONKA’S nemesis.
  • CLAUDIA­LOUISE ­­ “CL” ​holds her family above all else… and thinks her family is better than everyone else’s. Susceptible to being preachy and gossipy. Later in the show when her foundation crumbles, she’s shattered.
  • GWEN, ​an ambitious, political player. She just got out of prison for a local scandal when the show begins and she’s hungry to climb the power ladder again.
  • DESIREE, a​ neck model. Not the sharpest. Frequently has no idea what’s going on. Entitled, pampered, optimistic.

Actors will receive a stipend for their work/travel.

To hear the script, please view the video of the virtual reading of the play that was performed on April 7. It is available on the Laboratory Theater of Florida Facebook page.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is Sunday, April 19th, at 4 pm.

April 13, 2020.

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