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Lab’s ‘Visiting Mr. Green’ cannily crafted dramedy about family, friendship and forgiveness


Opening April 13 at the Laboratory Theater of Florida is Visiting Mr. Green.

The story follows two men thrown together under the oddest of circumstances. Having almost hit 86-year-old widower Mr. Green with his car, Ross Gardiner is charged with reckless driving. He must now complete a form of community service and visit Mr. Green every week for the next six months. At first, both men resent these forced visits, but soon their conversations reveal family secrets and past hardships in need of being brought into the light of day. A story of acceptance and open-mindedness, replete with charm and poignancy quickly develops.

Local favorite Michael Hennessey (The Best Man) plays Mr. Green.

“Visiting Mr. Green transcends the ‘gaps’ between young and old, gay and straight, parent and child by immersing us in their one unifying common thread, love,” says Hennessey. “You will love this play.”

The internationally-loved play also stars Brandon Somers (Burn This) and is directed by artistic director Annette Trossbach, who selected the play for this season because of its honest, hopeful, poignant portrayal of two men who have found themselves marginalized for different reasons and eventually find common ground and friendship.

“Conservative Jewish, Mr Green doesn’t want anything to do, at first, with energetic and modern Ross Gardiner,” Trossbach reveals. “But tolerance leads to acceptance and then leads to their embracing of one another and a revaluation of who each of them are. The show is a gentle reminder that, through openness, peace and kindness are possible.”

Visiting Mr. Green plays from April 13th to April 29th at the Laboratory Theater of Florida.

March 28, 2018.


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