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Tune in to the ‘Realish Housewives’ for the fake smiles and the backstabbing


Up next on Lab Theater’s LabTV virtual platform is The Realish Housewives of Fort Myers by Second City alum Tim Sniffen (Death of a Streetcar Named Virginia Woolf: a Parody) and Kate James. This one’s also a parody, this time of the reality television show we all love to hate. In addition to showcasing five outrageously entitled women, this one pokes fun at the inner workings of our wonderful town.

Randy Bowen (Rob Green) hosts the show, and his approach is simple and straightforward. Keeping everyone liquored up makes it so much easier to foment conflicts and foster meltdowns. No wonder he’s so pleased with himself and elated with his evolving media empire!

So who’s Randy stirring up for his aggrandizement and our viewing pleasure? Well, there’s Ravonka, who thinks of herself in third person (as the royals often do) and speaks with a vaguely Eastern European accent (which may or may not be real). Brooke’s a no-nonsense, self-made business woman with a chip on her brassy shoulder over her rejection by high society. Preachy and prone to gossip, Claudia Louise (or CL to her friends) thinks family is everything and that her family is better than everyone else’s. Gwen is an ambitious political power broker who’s refreshingly undaunted by her recent stint in prison by dint of a local fundraising scandal. And then there’s doltish Desiree, a pampered, entitled neck model who’s ever the eternal optimist.

This is a hybrid filmed theatrical production that will include filmed stage elements as well as other elements and is only viewable online. Your digital pass is good for one viewing of that particular evening and must be started and completed within 24 hours.

Tune in for the fake smiles.

Stay for the backstabbing!

Make plans now to one or all three of the LabTV broadcasts.

November 1, 2020


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