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Marks & Brands

Marks & Brands is a site-specific sculptural installation that commemorates the rich traditions of the cattle...

posted on: May 24, 2013 | author: tom

River Basin

“Think of the new river basin as a canvas,” Assistant City Manager Marc Collins urged the Fort Myers...

posted on: Nov 30, 2012 | author: tom

The 82nd Airborne Monument

The 82nd Airborne Monument consists of a bronze sculpture of a paratrooper who stands atop a white concrete base that...

posted on: Oct 30, 2012 | author: tom

Edison Ford Estates Collection

Thomas Alva Edison is regarded as one of the world’s most elite and productive inventors. He was also Fort...

posted on: Oct 26, 2012 | author: tom

Lovegrove’s Freedom Painting

Freedom is a 3 x 5 foot painting of an American eagle rendered by Matlacha artist Leoma Lovegrove. It hangs inside the...

posted on: Oct 4, 2012 | author: tom

Darryl Pottorf Photographs

In 1990, Captiva artist Darryl Pottorf was commissioned to create some works of art for Tootie McGregor’s...

posted on: Sep 29, 2012 | author: tom

The Harborside Collection

The Harborside Event Center is home to seven busts of local legends. Known as “The Harborside Collection,”...

posted on: Sep 26, 2012 | author: tom

Manuel’s Branch Bridge

Manuel’s Branch is the name of a narrow, wooded creek that meanders westward along the southern boundary of Fort...

posted on: Sep 21, 2012 | author: tom

Wes Nott Statue

Located in the northeast corner of the campus of Lee Memorial Hospital is Wes Nott Park, a broad concrete courtyard...

posted on: Sep 15, 2012 | author: tom

The Spirit of Fort Myers

The Spirit of Fort Myers is a cast stone statue of a Grecian maiden pouring water from an urn into a basin at her...

posted on: Aug 31, 2012 | author: tom

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