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Dennis Church

Artist:   Dennis Church Genre:   Landscape, street photography Website: Facebook: His...

Dennis Church
posted on: Jun 21, 2016 | author: tom

Mila Bridger

Artist:   Mila Bridger Genre: Portrait Photography Website:  http:// Facebook: ...

posted on: May 30, 2016 | author: tom

Leila Mesdaghi

Artist:   Leila Mesdaghi Genre:  Performance, Video, Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media Art Website: Her Art:...

posted on: May 9, 2016 | author: tom

Celeste Borah

Artist: Celeste Borah Genre: Realist Motifs: Skyscapes Her Art: Some of Celeste’s most notable works include large...

posted on: Feb 24, 2016 | author: tom

David Acevedo

Name:  David Acevedo Genre:  Pop, Abstract Gallery:  The Union Artist Studio Website: His Art: Acevedo is known for...

posted on: Jan 28, 2016 | author: tom

Robert Pavon

Artist:  Robert Pavon Genre:  Realism Motifs:  Portrait & Figurative, Still Life Medium:  Acrylics His Art:...

posted on: Feb 12, 2015 | author: tom

Christine Reichow

Artist:   Christine Reichow Genre:  Realist Motifs:  Florals, Wildlife, Portrait Medium:  Watercolor Her Art:...

posted on: Feb 11, 2015 | author: tom

Renate Reuter

Artist:  Renate Reuter Genre:  Realism Motifs:  Portrait & Figures, wildlife, landscapes Her Art: Portrait and...

posted on: Feb 8, 2015 | author: tom

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