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Celeste Borah

Artist: Celeste Borah Genre: Realist Motifs: Skyscapes Her Art: Some of Celeste’s most notable works include large...

posted on: Feb 24, 2016 | author: tom

Christine Reichow

Artist:   Christine Reichow Genre:  Realist Motifs:  Florals, Wildlife, Portrait Medium:  Watercolor Her...

posted on: Feb 11, 2015 | author: tom

Megan Kissinger

Name:  Megan Kissinger Genre:  Realist Galleries: WildChild Art Gallery, 4625 Pine Island Road, Matlacha, FL  33993...

posted on: Dec 28, 2014 | author: tom

Dr. Kyra Belan

Name:   Dr. Kyra Belan Genres:  Portraiture, Magical Realism Her Art Dr. Kyra Belan creates portraiture that...

posted on: Oct 30, 2014 | author: tom

Kevin Sloan

Artist:                       Kevin Sloan Genre:                      Magical Realism Media:  ...

posted on: Feb 7, 2012 | author: tom

John Seerey-Lester

Artist:              John Seerey-Lester Genre:             Realist, wildlife, equestrian,...

posted on: Aug 15, 2011 | author: tom

Jenness Cortez

Artist: Jenness Cortez Genre: Realist Media: Acrylics on mahogany panel Gallery: DeBruyne Fine Art Website:...

posted on: Jun 29, 2011 | author: tom

John Stillings

Artist:        John Stillings Genre:       Realist, Some Abstracts Media:       Acrylics,...

posted on: Jun 5, 2011 | author: tom

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