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Brittany Ambler uniquely qualified to portray Bonnie Parker


Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical plays at TheatreZone in Naples January 11-21. Robert Koutras stars as Clyde Barrow; Brittany Ambler plays the part of Bonnie Parker. Based on the book by Ivan Menchell, the musical recounts the electrifying true story of the notorious duo from the unique perspective of their relationship against a background of extraordinary music.

“Brittany is just so versatile in the roles she can play,” notes TheatreZone Artistic Director Mark Danni. “While I’ve seen her play very strong characters, I’ve also seen her be very vulnerable and, of course, that is the essence of Bonnie Parker.”

Ambler has done her homework.

“It’s been super interesting reading [about Bonnie Parker],” Brittany remarks. “There are so many things that I had no idea she and Clyde Barrow went through, or how they grew up and how they were as children. So bringing those insights into the character – how they were around people and how they were with each other, will help Robert [Koutras] and I tell their story better, which will help the audience get into the story even more.”

In Ambler’s estimation, the musical does a really good job of reminding audiences that Bonnie and Clyde were real people with hopes, dreams, strengths and challenges.

This is borne out in the musical’s very first song.

“It’s called ‘Picture Show,'” Ambler notes. “It literally describes what Clyde wanted to be when he grew up and what Bonnie wanted to be when she grew up as well.”

Like being a famous actress, as well as a poet too.

“Today, they’re just this folklore story, these larger-than-life criminals, and while that’s part of the story, I think we forget they were just kids,” observes Ambler. “I think this aspect of their story is easily forgotten, but the musical does a super great job of showcasing who they were and how they came together to become Bonnie and Clyde.”

Of course, playing real live historical characters comes with its challenges too. Among the biggest is the necessity of striking a balance between historical accuracy and the character described and created by the script.

“There are facts that help tell their story to the audience, and others that serve to help me get into character,” Ambler shares. “The trick is knowing what to weed out, what to exclude … the events that happened that were just a blip in their lives and, while without a doubt super interesting, don’t factor into the story [that playwright Ivan Menchell is recounting in the musical].”

Fortunately, Ambler and co-star Robert Koutras have expert directors and choreographers like Mark and Karen Danni to keep them on task.

And Brittany has Charles Fornara to keep he on task musically.

“Her voice,” exhales Mark Danni, letting his own voice trail off.

Audiences are certain to revel in her evocative vocals, which uniquely enable her to mirror her character’s dichotomous strength and vulnerability in her solos and duets.

“[Brittany and Robert] are spectacular,” Danni underscores. “”It’s going to be a really entertaining evening or afternoon in the theater.”

Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical runs January 11-21 at TheatreZone in Naples. Go here for play dates, times and more information.

January 8, 2024.

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