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Darlyne Franklin


Darlyne Franklin is an actor, playwright and producer.

Among her acting credits is the role of Chris in Neil Simon’s Rumors (for New Phoenix Theatre).

Her writing and production credits include Joey & Maria’s Comedy Italian Wedding, The Wake of Matty O’Malley, Wicked Real Housewives of the Mob and The Soprano’s Last Supper. One of the first interactive theater productions in the world, Joey & Maria’s enjoyed a tremendously successful run, being in production for more than 20 years not only throughout the United States, but in Canada, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom as well. Matty O’Malley, Wicked Real Housewives of the Mob and The Soprano’s Last Supper were all performed in Los Vegas venues for over ten years.

Darlyne’s recent work includes The Biscotti Sisters (a campy, corny show in which two Italian sisters battle it out in a cookie bake-off) and Wicked Real Housewives of Boston, which opened in the Boston area in 2010. Based on a mock reality television show, Housewives is an entirely new concept in interactive theater – it’s a show within a show.

She also participated in last year’s Laboratory Theater 24-Hour Playwriting Challenge.

Franklin is mentioned in Webster’s online Dictionary under “dinner theater” and was featured in a question on the TV game show Jeopardy.

Darlyne was born and raised in East Boston, but she’s been a resident of Naples for more than 14 years, after coming to the area as a snowbird and deciding to stay.

June 14, 2019.



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