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Zach Greer


NYC-based actor Zach Greer inhabits the role of Buddy in Elf the Musical. He was last seen at Broadway Palm this past summer as Willard Hewitt in Footloose. Other credits include Something Rotten! (Shakespeare), Head Over Heels (Musidorus) and The 39 Steps (Clown). Zach has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Missouri State University.

“[Buddy’s] the catalyst for every part of the show,” Zach observes about his Elfen character. “It is so deeply profound and it’s something that everybody can relate to. We all want understanding. We all want community. We all want to know who we are. We’re all searching for some semblance of personal identity, and I think Buddy’s very empathetic in that way because everybody just wants to belong.”

Zach predicts that audiences will leave the show with a heavy dose of Christmas cheer. “The character of Buddy the Elf is so ingrained in pop culture nowadays that everybody kind of knows what to expect in terms of the ride of the show. So quote along with some of the most iconic lines from the film, and really just have a little bit of Christmas cheer put in you, whether it’s early November or Christmas Day.”

Greer likes the synchronicity that the playwright has incorporated into the storyline. In Act One, Buddy discovers that his entire life at the North Pole has been “one big lie.” When he meets his biological father, Buddy discovers that Walter is also leading a life that’s one big lie which, in turn, prompts Walter to embark on his own journey of self-exploration.

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December 1, 2023.

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