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Keeley Pendergrass


Keeley Pendergrass plays the lead, Carrie White, in TheatreZone’s production of Carrie: The Musical.

“It was Keeley’s acting that really was incredible,” says Danni. “She brings the true essence of Carrie to her scenes.  She shows vulnerability but also strength, shyness yet also power.  She was riveting in her audition and won the role over many others who auditioned in New York City and Florida.”

A student at Florida Gulf Coast University, Keeley has been performing since the age of five. Before enrolling at FGCU, she attended a performing arts high school.

She previously worked with Director Mark Danni in TheatreZone’s 2023 production of Heathers, in which she was the stoner chick and performed in the ensemble. In addition to Heathers, Keeley was understudy for the roles of Henrietta Leavitt and Wiliamina Fleming in FGCU TheatreLab’s production of Silent Sky.

March 28, 2024.

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