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Spotlight on ‘Experience the Adirondacks’ filmmaker 1836 Agency


The Fort Myers Film Festival will show the short documentary Experience the Adirondacks during its 3:30 p.m. “Global Environmental Block 2” on Friday, May 20. The film chronicles the epic mountain adventure into the Adirondacks made by four young adults with autism compliments of a program for neurodivergent individuals offered by Sarasota-based Adventure For All.  The documentary was made by the 1836 Agency, which is co-owned by Dev Walker and Morgan Alley.

1836 is a film agency that specializes in crafting original branded content for digital advertising and entertainment. Their goal is to approach each project from a place of honesty, finding those little moments that bring a sense of humanity to the story and highlighting them.

“I feel like most of the time our work is originally inspired by other filmmakers that we admire,” says Morgan Alley. “But ultimately, as the project evolves, it ends up adopting its own unique characteristics. In today’s world of filmmaking, where every camera is capable of capturing beautiful images, it comes down to perspective and instinct that really sets you apart. We do our best to create what feels true to us and we take a lot of pride in that. “

Both filmmakers are honored to have Experience the Adirondacks juried into this year’s Fort Myers Film Festival. “Any avenue for this message of inclusivity and empowerment for individuals with exceptionalities to be seen by others is really important to our team,” adds Dev Walker. “It’s a special film and we look forward to FMFF attendees experiencing it.”

May 10, 2022

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