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Rosie DeLeon leaves the balcony for the boards in ‘Body & Sold’


Body and Sold 34SLab Theater’s production of Deborah Lake Fortson’s Body & Sold opens May 5. The play tackles some very weighty issues, including human trafficking, childhood prostitution and involuntary servitude. Among the 12-member cast that director Kathleen Moye and The Lab have assembled for the show is Rosie Deleon, who plays the role of Linda Johnson.

As an actress, DeLeon came into her own when she tackled the role of Feste in last season’s finale, Twelfth Night. It was a terrific part that allowed DeLeon to showcase her formidable and emerging skills as both a comedic and dramatic actress. Her performance in Twelfth Night capped off a 2015-2016 season that saw her appear in the Body and Sold 46Srelatively minor part of Elaine in Calendar Girls and then assume a greater role in The Rauschenberg Project Play. Like Body & Sold, The Rauschenberg Project Play plumbed important local issues – in The Rauschenberg Project Play’s case, those faced by 12-24 year-old members of Southwest Florida’s LGBTQ community, including domestic violence, bullying, employment discrimination and homelessness.

While you may not have seen Rosie on the boards so far this season, she’s always in the house. Rosie has been running tech for Laboratory Theater all season. She roams the Body and Sold 51Sbalcony with The Lab’s resident ghost. But she’s leaving her rarified perch for Body & Sold.

May 2, 2017.


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