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Plot of Lab Theater’s summer stock play ‘Sirens’


siren song 06Sirens is a romantic comedy. But it turns the genre on its head. Instead of portraying two young lovers destined to meet, the play follows a couple who have been married for 25 years.

For Sam and Rose Abrams, the spark is gone from their marriage. When Sam Abrams first fell in love with Rose he wrote her a song  — a song that has siren song 07been covered by every recording artist and translated to every language. It is heard in every elevator and on every cell phone ringtone. But for 25 years, Sam has been trying to write the next song – to no avail.

Rose is unhappy. Their one child, Barry, is grown and out of the house. She has her own business but wonders if it is time to sell it. She Sirens 3wonders if she should have married Richard Miller, the cute guy from high school 30 years ago. But mostly she is unhappy because her husband doesn’t seem that interested in her anymore.

But wait, it gets worse. Rose learns that Sam has joined Facebook – and that he is also playing a knockoff of Scrabble online with other women. On top of that, the sonofabitch has met some of these women for coffee in a vain effort to find someone, anyone, who can replace Rose as his musical muse. Of course the women who show up to meet Same are more than a little disappointed when they meet him in the flesh. You see, Sam’s profile picture was taken in the 1siren song 05980s and, well, age has not exactly been his friend.

The couple is now celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with a cruise in the Mediterranean. Sam hears the most beautiful music ever heard, jumps overboard, and winds up on the Siren’s island.  There he must struggle with the seductions of the Siren, the terrors of middle age, and the tortures of creative failure.  And he must find a way to get home and win his wife back.

July 5, 2016.


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