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Kensler vacates director’s chair for the stage in Ken Harwood’s ‘Quartet’


Coming to New Phoenix Theatre January 6 is Ken Harwood’s Quartet. The setting is a retirement home for musicians. Sitting on the terrace are three elderly former opera-singers who often worked together. Reginald is quietly reading a serious book. Jovial, priapic Wilfred is chuckling about sex as he regards Cissy lying back and listening to music through her headphones. They are joined by a newcomer ,Jean, who was a major star in her day. She has history with Reginald. The pair was once unhappily married. A gala concert is in the works at the retirement home to celebrate Verdi’s birthday. Three of the four singers are keen on recreating the third act quartet “Bella figlia dell’amore” from Rigoletto. One is not. Is there any chance that these four will ever sing together again?

Beyond an intriguing plot and volatile characters, New Phoenix Theatre has a twist in store for audiences. For this production, Kenneth Bradley Johnson directs and Brenda Kensler is on the boards, playing Jean, the diva with a chip on her shoulder. Joining Brenda on stage are Trace Meier, Ken Bryant and Carolyn England.

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December 28, 2021.

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