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TheatreZone’s ‘Carrie’ a high-energy thriller based on Stephen King classic


TheatreZone brings Carrie: the Musical to the stage April 25 through May 5.

Set in the present in the small New England town of Chamberlain, Maine, Carrie is a multi-layered coming-of-age story dealing with feelings of isolation, bullying and religious fanaticism.

Carrie is a high-energy thriller based on an iconic book and film with all the horror and dark humor of Stephen King’s novel,” observes TheatreZone founder and artistic director, Mark Danni. “Audiences familiar with the book and film will be on the edges of their seats with our highly dramatic production about the plight of a misfit with a unique gift.”

Played by Keeley Pendergrass (photo 2), Carrie White is repressed by a domineering, ultra-religious mother, Margaret White (McLean Peterson (photo 3)). She is tormented by her peers at school for being different, despite the understanding and sympathy of a teacher, Miss Gardener (Jennifer Wingerter).  Her efforts to fit in lead to a dramatic and violent confrontation during the senior prom, when the popular kids play an unimaginably cruel joke on her.

Carrie’s otherness is exemplified by her ability to move things with her mind, called telekinesis. She represses her telekinesis, but it is discovered by her mother, who views her paranormal ability as punishment for sin.

High school queen Chris Hargensen (Grace Fluharty (photo 4)) and schoolmate Billy Nolan (Bobby MacDonell) are the popular twosome who orchestrate the bullying. The story is narrated by the cross-examination of Sue Snell (Brianna Bauch), who discovers compassion and empathy for Carrie, albeit too late.

“What does it cost to be kind,” a lyric in the musical, serves as a mantra for the story, examining the way people treat each other and how a choice can make a difference in someone’s life.

Music is by Academy Award winner Michael Gore (Fame, Terms of Endearment), with lyrics by Academy Award winner Dean Pitchford (Fame, Footloose).

“Carrie is a powerful, modern, pop-rock musical with amazing ballads and energizing moments,” Danni adds. “The composers integrate high energy pop songs for the ensemble with more power ballads for the mother-daughter relationship.”

The band is led by Music Director Charles Fornara and features seven musicians who play keyboards, bass, drums, guitars, and cello.

The show is directed by Mark Danni with choreography handled by TheatreZone’s Associate Artistic Director Karen Molnar Danni.

Go here for play dates, times and ticket information.

March 28, 2024.

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