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Gregg Birr


Gregg Birr appears in the role of delivery man for The Studio Players in Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park. Previous stage credits include The Same Time Next Year, An Evening of Ten Minute Plays, Emotional Baggage and High Noon in Boom and How They Talk in South Boston. He has been a frequent participant in The Marco Players Reader’s Theater, including Words, Words, Words, Silver Alert, What the Dickens, Buford and Leroy, Biff and Blanche, The Story of a Very Good Catch, and Matterhorn and the Wedding Story. He took is first role with TMP in Old Ringers, followed by the lead in On the Farce Day of Christmas and most recently in With This Ring and finally in the full scale production of Silver Alert, The Golden Charm of Marco Island for the Island Theater. Gregg also played in Provenance for The New Plays Festival at The Naples Players.

March 20, 2022.

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