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Daniel Cancio


An FGCU theatre grad, Daniel Cancio is an emerging talent in the local theater scene. While at FGCU, he appeared in productions of The Tempest, Mr. Perfect, 12 Angry Men, The Foreigner and The Zoo. His other credits include Art,  attorney Aaron Levinsky in Nuts, The Waverly Gallery, Jerry in The Zoo Story, the bartender in Speed Dating, the owl in Where is Man?, Senator Charles Whitmore’s campaign aide in Church & State, and Jerry in Don’t Talk to the Actors – all for The Studio Players in Naples, Bear in Ghostbird Theatre Company’s production of Orbs! and Laboratory Theater of Florida’s 2016 production of Joshua Harmon’s Bad Jews. He additionally took part in a staged reading of Robert Caisley’s The Open Hand, playing a chef and aspiring restauranteer by the name of Jack whose fiancee’ is befriended by a wealthy acquaintance who shows up to a dinner party bearing a $6,000 bottle of wine.

He appears next in The Studio Players’ production of Other Desert Cities.

October 1, 2019; revised November 3, 2022.


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