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Theresa Ireland


Theresa Ireland is an SAG/AFTRA film and stage actor, casting director, choreographer and film producer who made her appearance in Fort Myers during the 9th Annual Fort Myers Film Festival in conjunction with the Mariya Pyter short film On the Way to Lovetown, in which Theresa played a Marilyn Monroe look-alike. While she is known nationally for her Marilyn Monroe impersonations, she attracted the attention of sports fans across the country as the host/interviewer of Esports Update for Chicago-based Midnight Esports Network.

Ireland’s feature film credits include playing Marilyn Monroe in the 2019 crime thriller The Fanatic (starring John Travolta, Devon Sawa and Ana Golja), Miranda in The Miranda Murders: Lost Tapes of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng (2017), a bathroom and party extra in SexDotCom (2017), Marilyn Monroe in How to be a Latin Lover (2017), O N E tattoo girl in Escape Artist (2017), the lead (Abigail) in the 2016 action fantasy Lonely in the Shadows, Sunflower Jones in Killer Waves (2016), Olga Lubovsky in the dramedy documentary titled The Big Raincheck (2015), Banning in The Sorcerer (2015), Marilyn Monroe in Actor for Hire (2015), Female Detective in Prom Ride (2015), Prom Date in Helicopter Mom (2014), Michelle Dresden (lead) in The Music Inside (2005) and Helen (lead) in the feature horror film Back Roads.

She has also appeared in a number of short films, including the 2018 Mariya Pyter short On the Way to Lovetown (Marilyn), the 2018 short film Dr. Sugar (Debbie), Kelly Michaels in American Courage (2017), Female Dancer in Cleaning (2016), News Reporter in Street Credit (2016), Marilyn Monroe in Anger Anonymous (2016), Exotic Dancer in Diamond (2016), Tara in Bad Neighbor (2015), Darla in Blood of the Dead (2014), The Music Inside (2014), Terry Carter in Jonestown (2013), Kelsey (lead) in Happy Halloween (2013), Dancer 3 in The Tunnel (2013), Maggie in Deliver Us from Evil (2013), Thea in The Scientist (2010), Lisa in The Loop (2008), Woman in Bar in Vortex (2008), Sheila (lead) in Don’t Forget to Chase the Horses.

Theresa’s television catalogue includes appearances in Will & Grace (Miss Hannigan, “Performance Anxiety” (2020)), “Shameless” (Woman #85, “Which America?” (2019)), Another Word for Waitress (Marilyn/Theresa, “Showtime” (2018), Plastic Patient, “Plastic vs. Perfect (2018) and Marilyn Monroe, “Acting 101” (2017)), a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in the TV mini-series Geoffrey’s Malibu (2016), Nadia in several episodes of Beverly Pills (“Pill Pill, Bang Bang” (2014), “Roses Are Red, Valiums Are Blue” (2014), “Adrenaline Junkie” (2014), “Diagnosis: Grow Up” (2014), “The Higher You Are, the Harder the Comedown” (2014) and “The PiLLot” (2014)),  Fair Maiden in Turned Up Tech (2014), a stripper in Devil in the Details (“Mowers” (2014)), a bartender in Cold Feet (Pilot (2014)), Bartender in Fallen Cards (2014), Hotel Secrets & Legends (a prostitute in “LSD Lab Rats,” “Portrait of a Con Man” and “Presidential Ransom” (2014) and Wynona Burdette in “Vampire Outbreak,” “American Traitor” and “Corporate Retreat” (2014)), Young Boy’s Mother in Unusual Suspects (“Death of Innocence” (2014)), Party Guest in Rake (“Serial Killer” (2014)), Airplane Passenger in My Trip from Hell (“Pilot (2014)), Giovannie Rose in Supreme Justice with Judge Karen (“Inappropriate Tutor/Where’s My Umbrella” (2013)), Salsa Dancer 2 in the TV Movie Tracy and Rhonda (2013), Super Drunk Girl in the TV mini series A Girl’s Guide to Blacking Out (“T Minus 30 Days” (2013)), Kevin’s Sister in the TV documentary Deadly Wives (“Murder LOL” (2013)), Crazy Lady in Two Dumb Dicks (2011) and Natalie in The Devil’s 8-Ball (201o).

Besides her appearance in Will & Grace earlier this year, Ireland has been in a number of recent projects that have either been completed (Fallen Cards (Bartender (2020)) and S2K (Nevron Dancer (2020)), are in post-production (Big Freakin Rat (Ashley (2020)) and the short film Hungry (Susan Johnson (2020)) or announced (TV series Fallen Cards).

But Ireland has a number of other interests and aspirations.

Her producing credits include the TV series Resa IRL (filming), the short film Hungry (post-production), the TV series Another Word for Waitress (“Showtime” (2018)), eleven (11) episodes of the TV series Hacienda Heights (2008-2010)(for which she also served as casting director) and an episode of the TV series 9th Period. On top of that, Ireland possesses credits as a writer (the short films Hungry and Vortex), director (Resa IRL, which is currently filming), assistant director and second unit director. She has also appeared in several video shorts (Nice Shoes (2018), Rising Star (2016), Rolan Bolan: Children of the Revolution (2016) and Master and Margarita (2015)) and was a featured dancer for three seasons on 80s Dance Party.

Theresa also has extensive (25) stage acting experience, including the lead in Irving’s Tiara, Bus Stop, FIT and The Foreigner, the narrator & puppeteer in House of Spirits, Sleeping Beauty in Happily Ever After, and roles in Cabaret (Fritzie), Chicago (Liz “Pop”), Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding (Sister Terry) and the Rocky Horror Show (Columbia). She also did the choreography for Cosmic Kitten Acid Party, S2K, Chicago, Cleaning and Excavating the History of Love.

June 14, 2020.

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