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Through Peace Vision, filmmaker John Biffar replacing division with much-needed positive images


At TGIM last night, the Fort Myers Film Festival screened a promotional video lensed by Dreamtime Entertainment to tout an inspirational new project being launched later this month by filmmaker and TGIM celebrity judge John Biffar. Called Peace Vision, it’s a media portal that seeks out the soul of nonprofits – how they got started, why they exist, and some of the critical problems they’re striving to solve.

“We intend to focus our cameras on the organizations that are standing up for and demanding a cleaner environment, the ones feeding the hungry, the ones sheltering and giving hope to the homeless,” said Biffar in the video.

The platform’s overarching goal is to inject a much-needed positive spirit into the prevailing climate of division that is fueled by media outlets driven to exploit partisanship and tribalism in order to maximize ratings and advertising dollars, Biffar amplified following the video.

“Peace Vision will do this by presenting the ideas, stories, artistic works, documentaries, films and messages of the inspiring organizations we feature. We’re going to open it up so that you can share stories about people who are doing something great. We want to air and broadcast it. We want to make a portal that matters.”

Biffar has a passion for telling true life stories about people who are making a difference in the world. From “Children of the Fourth World” about an American woman striving to help the children who call the Guatemala City “dump” home to “Assignment Earth” that profiles individuals from around the world who are striving to save the planet, John’s history of using media for positive change is well documented.

While inspirational videos are all well and good, people need daily doses of positivity to ward off the negativity that bombards us hourly in news coverage, social media and the toxic people we encounter everywhere we go. To overcome these depressing and anger-inducing influences, Peace Visions will introduce Peacegrams – inspirational and motivational quotes set against a backdrop of stunning visuals and soothing tunes. By signing up for this feature, subscribers can start their day with wisdom, good vibes and aphorisms that will promote personal tranquility and inner peace.

“We’ll have awesome aerial footage and we’re partnering with Kat Epple on the soundtracks for the videos,” Biffar teased. “We will also provide resources to help people deal with the areas we all struggle with, like relationships and finances.”

Biffar began his career as a film student at the University of South Florida. As a director, producer and CEO of Dreamtime Entertainment, John and his team have produced original network television programming since the early 1980s for HBO, PBS, The History Channel, Travel Channel and other major cable and broadcast outlets.

For more information on Peace Vision or follow the platform’s development and progress, visit And to access John Biffar’s filmmaking credits and accomplishments, go here.

September 11, 2019.


Spotlight on filmmaker John Biffar


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