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Theatre Conspiracy at the Alliance’s 21st Annual New Play Contest finalists


Here are Theatre Conspiracy at the Alliance for the Arts’ 21st Annual New Play Contest finalists:


Love and Communication by Jim Christy

Samuel Holden is by all accounts, a spectacularly beautiful child. His parents, school administrators, therapists and lawyers fighting about the best way to treat his autism all agree on that. And practically nothing else.

His father Rob will do anything necessary – anything — to get Samuel into a private school with a years-long waiting list. For his mother Megan, the answer is a relatively new therapy patented by a charismatic doctor. As these increasingly desperate efforts take them in different directions, their marriage — and their relationship with their son — hang in the balance.

The show is about autism as an analogy for the difficulty people have communicating with each other. Every allegedly normal character in the play — parents, educators, bureaucrats — displays an inability to communicate or to show empathy for those they are supposed to love, the core of autism.


The Wild Boar by Daniel Damiano

A newly retired teacher moves to a remote island, seeking nothing but solitude and serenity. However, when a boar arrives at her house one day, an unlikely relationship develops, bringing about unexpected feelings from her past, while placing her at odds with the local authorities and the island’s other inhabitants.

The Wild Boar by Daniel Damiano was a finalist for the Woodward/Newman Drama Award and Bloomington Playwrights Project.


The Chechens by Phillip Smith

In modern Chechnya homosexuals are rumored to be held in camps. Can one family protect their brother suspected of being gay, or will they honor kill him to protect the name of the family? What prevails in the end-religion, politics or love?

November 26, 2019.

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