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What the critics have said about ‘Our Last Tango’


Our Last Tango 01Here’s what the critics have said about Our Last Tango:

“Exceptional. … The screen pulsates with life and color and energy that you rarely find to this degree, even in other films about dance … It’s a passionate remembrance with only a hint of sadness for bygone days, and there is enough scandal, bitterness and jealousy to fill a telenovela. Most importantly, it’s another great achievement in filmmaking about dance from [Wim] Wenders and [German] Kral.” — Steve Prokopy, Third Coast Our Last Tango 13Review

“Fascinating…a celebration of the tango itself, which continues to bewitch with its writhing, gently jagged grace and torrid suggestiveness.” — Andy Webster, The New York Times

“There’s something achingly poignant about watching the octogenarian Nieves and Copes direct ‘themselves’—while addressing what might have been.… Beautifully choreographed.” Los Angeles Our Last Tango 12Times

“Its strongest moments are the dramatic reenactments: inventively choreographed and erotically charged dance sequences shot by Jo Heim and Felix Monti.” Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader

Our Last Tango 11“An embrace of the passions it stokes…boils years’ worth of drama into an affecting dance set-piece of love, lust and loss.” — John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter

“As for the ‘last tango’ promised in the title, Kral (a Wim Wenders protégé) doesn’t seem to have the Our Last Tango 10coverage he needs; it’s decidedly anti-climactic. Archival footage also fails to do them justice. Still, Maria’s candid and hard-earned observations on love and sex have some piquancy. ‘I’ve come to the conclusion that love is a lie,’ she says. ‘A woman must use a man, then throw him away. Any tears shed over a man are a waste.’ It’s a sentiment worthy of the dance she’s dedicated her life to Our Last Tango 07perfecting.” Tom Charity, Cinema Scope

January 25, 2017.


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