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Spotlight on short film ‘Managed’


The Fort Myers Film Festival will show Janae’ Rachel Ballot’s short film Managed during the “Awesome Fun Shorts Block” at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 20. The short marks Ballot’s debut as a screenwriter, director and producer.

Managed is a satirical web series pilot that follows high-strung talent manager Susanna Feinstein (Savannah Ballot). In the pilot, her 20-year-old hyper-sensitive movie star client, Albert Harris (Devin Brochu), announces his retirement and fires Susanna on Twitter. Feinstein gets her revenge on him with a young Instagram influencer, sparking a social media war with the actor.

In each ensuing episode of Managed, we see Susanna overcome her clienteles’ existential crises with biting wit, quirky humor and undeniable heart, while fighting to not lose her identity in Hollyweird.

Managed won Best Pilot Premiere at The City of Angels Film Festival of 2021. which was featured in Variety. Actors Devin Brochu and Savannah Ballot have been nominated for their respective performances by various festivals that have screened the film.

A kickstarter will launch shortly to fund the remaining six episodes with the cast and team back for the entire series.

May 10, 2022


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