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Spotlight on ‘Lost Age’ filmmaker Tim Ritter


Tim Ritter wowed Fort Myers Film Festival cineastes in 2017 with his film Moment of Truth, the first locally-produced feature film to appear in the film festival’s history.  Ritter returns to this year’s FMff with his short film, The Lost Age.

Ritter’s directing credits include the feature films Echoes (2022), Testament (2017) and Moment of Truth (2017) as well as the short films The Lost Age (2021), The Interview (2015), Dawn (2012), Keeper of the Earth (2010) and The Long Wait (2009). He also produced Testament, Moment of Truth The Interview, Dawn, Keeper of the Earth and The Long Wait. He was also associate producer for two episodes of the television series Necessary Evil (Amber Alert (2014) and Ten Minutes (2014), the short film Crust (2012), the short film Shaken (2010) and the short film Remedy (2009), as well as the screenwriter for Echoes, The Lost Age, Testament, Moment of Truth, Dawn, Crust Keeper of the Earth and The Long Wait.

Ritter has more history with the Fort Myers Film Festival than just Moment of Truth. He also served as a founding member of the Fort Myers Film Festival advisory board.

Ritter earned a Master of Fine Arts in Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema at the University of Central Florida, and has taught more than two dozen film classes at the collegiate level covering nearly all aspects of production.

Ritter credits his love of cinema to a period in his life where he lived abroad with only one English-language channel and a then-growing collection of movies recorded straight to VHS. However, it wasn’t until the tail end of an accomplished decade as a newspaper reporter that Tim ventured behind the camera. Taking Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without a Crew as his bible, Ritter taught himself true independent filmmaking.

Today, Ritter continues to focus on pushing the envelope of low-resource filmmaking while exploring how ancient moral concepts thrive or diminish in modern settings and scenarios.

May 7, 2022

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