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Chet Gridley makes acting debut as Odell Owens in ‘Sordid Lives’


Commisserating in Bubba's Bar 07LOn stage for ten scintillating performances at Lab Theater is Del Shores’ cult classic Sordid Lives. The show features a preposterous backstory, volatile characters and a gem of cast compliments of Director Scott Carpenter. Making his adult acting debut in the role of Odell Owens is Chet Gridley.

Odell Owens is, to be sure, a bit role, but Gridley makes the most of every second of time he’s on stage. Before Bubba’s Bar is invaded by Noleta and LaVonda’s Thelma and Louise, he virtually gives a seminar on the nuances of Jacob’s Ladder. But it’s Commisserating in Bubba's Bar 04Lhis long, drawn out recounting of the pig bloating incident that’s scarred him for life that provides a glimpse of his potential as either a comedic or dramatic artist.

Chet is a local floral designer and is currently going to school for a degree in the arts. As a child, he enjoyed musical theater, performance art, and digital and media design. When he is not working, he enjoys following dogs on Instagram (but not pigs … it’s too soon), discovering new experiences and destinations, Retribution 18Land paddleboarding with friends. His artistic inspirations are Tim Burton, Amy Sedaris and David LaChappelle.

September 22, 2017.


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