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Spotlight on ‘Raisin in the Sun’ actor Kenneth Jones


On stage in the Foulds Theatre at the Alliance for the Arts is Theatre Conspiracy’s production of Lorraine Hansberry’s timeless classic, A Raisin in the Sun. Playing the part of Nigerian student Joseph Asagai is Kenneth Jones, whose function it is to raise notions of identity and moral purpose within the confines of the play.

The part is a good fit for Jones. Besides being self-confident and well-spoken, Jones is a sophomore in college working toward his degree in marketing. Besides theater, he has entrepreneurial aspirations much like Walter Younger and the character he plays.

“While I’m going to college here, I’m not from around here (just as his character isn’t from Chicago’s South Side),” Jones pointed out to the audience during talk-back that followed the May 6 matinee. “And although my family is not impoverished, [like Lena and Walter Younger] I want so much more for them, so I’m putting in the work and the time to get us into ‘Clybourne Park.’”

Jones shows great promise as a stage actor, so look for him in future productions, whether locally or on a regional/national level.

May 6, 2018.



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