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Bill Taylor finally gets to bring ‘Outside Mullingar’ to the Foulds Theatre stage


Outside Mullingar is one of those plays that’s long been on Bill Taylor’s wish list. He finally gets to bring this charming romance to the Foulds Theatre stage in February.

Outside Mullingar is about the romance of Anthony Reilly and Rosemary Muldoon, who have grown up next to each other on two farms in rural Ireland. Rosemary fell in love with Anthony at the age of six, and is convinced that he will eventually come to her. Deeply introverted, Anthony had his heart broken as a young man and hasn’t dared open it to another woman since. Forty years later, the two of them are still living next to each other, instead of together. When Anthony’s father threatens to disinherit his son, Rosemary steps into the middle of a land feud and family eccentricities beyond what one might imagine. On the brink of romantic catastrophe, this one-of-a-kind Irish heroine fights against time and mortality in hopes of securing her dream of love.

Alternately dark and wistfully humorous, Outside Mullingar combines richly relatable characters with an uplifting storyline that satisfies audiences on multiple levels.

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December 11, 2021.

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