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‘Superior Donuts’ play dates, times and cast list


Play:  Superior Donuts

Playwright:  Tracy Letts

Genre:  Dramedy

Synopsis: Set in modern-day Chicago, “Superior Donuts” depicts the unlikely friendship between a despondent down-and-out donut shop owner and his enthusiastic employee, who also happens to be an aspiring author with a serious gambling problem. Franco, the young writer, wants to update the old shop with healthy choices, music, and friendlier service. However, Arthur, the shop owner, wants to remain set in his ways.

What the Critics Say:

  • “It is a meditation on Chicago’s old soul … a witty, seductive, live-wire and greatly entertaining dark comedy that you just don’t want to end” ~ Chicago Tribune
  • “The sting, the speed and marksmanship of the gimcracks his characters fire at each other … drips the kind of soulful, energized sarcasm that has long characterized [Letts’] work as an actor and playwright” ~ Time Out Chicago

Director:  Bonnie Knapp

Director Notes: Arthur lives a life, he’s a broken-winged bird, frozen with snow, dreams a thing of his past. Franco, the dreamer, holds fast to his dreams, even in his darkest hour, and shows Arthur how wonderful life can be and that dreams can become a reality. It also takes a village, and Arthur is surrounded by a village of caring individuals, different as they each might be. The struggle is real, the past constantly with us, but with a little help from our friends we can be freed, we can enjoy life, we can make that future dreamscape our present.


Play Dates:  October 27-November 12, as follows:

  • October 27, 28 and November 2, 3, 4, 20 & 11 at 7:30 p.m.; and
  • October 29 and November 5 & 12 at 3:00 p.m.

Location:  Joan Jenks Auditorium, Gateway Community Center

October 25, 2023.


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